What is musubi

Musubi is a Tokyo based production service, specializing in films about Japan for an international market. Its mission is to make Japanese culture and social issues accessible to non-Japanese audiences.

Musubi produces documentaries about Japanese people, culture and society. Its first independent documentary, "The Emperor's Tram Girls," was shown to acclaim at International film festivals, and has been broadcast in a number of countries, under a distribution deal with British supplier.

Musubi also provides production services for non-Japanese companies wishing to film in Japan. It can find locations, arrange crews and cover all of a production's research, coordination and translation needs. Musubi's fully bilingual staff have many years of experience working across the world with different cultures, and can help to alleviate the communication problems that can sometimes arise when crew from different production environments work together.

Who are we

Miyuki Tokoi - Producer / Fixer

Has been producing/directing various documentary films mainly in UK and Japan as a freelance producer/director. She's also working as fixer for various international projects for decades.

Tomoko Itoh - Art Director / Fixer

Has studied art in UK, and has worked as art director/designer for 15 years in Japan.